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At Lemedix, we put the needs of healthcare administrators first. Our mission is to optimize healthcare operations, and we achieve this by integrating a full range of laboratory services, advanced medical diagnostic solutions and personalized staff support into a single, efficient system.
Lemedix created by a team of experts who are changing the way portable medicine is viewed
We are committed to making this a reality, and our work is based on the following principles:
Integration and Efficiency
Our offerings encompass a wide range of routine and common tests essential for diagnosing and managing various medical conditions. These tests help healthcare professionals in diagnosing diseases, monitoring treatment effectiveness, and guiding patient care decisions
Integration and Efficiency
We are convinced that by integrating various aspects of healthcare and optimizing work processes, maximum efficiency and quality in patient care can be achieved.
Team of Professionals
Our employees are a team of highly skilled professionals ready to take on the challenges of modern medicine and implement cutting-edge solutions.
Client-oriented Approach
We value each client and strive to provide personalized services, taking into account the characteristics and needs of each healthcare organization.
Our Mission
At Lemedix, we're driven by a passion to redefine the way portable medicine is perceived. Our team of experts is dedicated to pioneering innovative solutions that enhance access to healthcare and transform the healthcare experience for all. We aim to make healthcare more accessible, convenient, and efficient, ultimately improving the well-being of individuals and communities worldwide.
Our core values guide everything we do: Innovation: We embrace cutting-edge technology and creative thinking to drive advancements in portable medicine. Accessibility: We believe that healthcare should be within reach for all, regardless of location or background. These values shape our company's culture and inspire our team to continually improve and innovate in the world of portable medicine."
At Lemedix, we take our responsibility seriously: Patient Well-being: We prioritize the well-being of patients, ensuring that our solutions are safe, effective, and patient-centric. Environmental Stewardship: We are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint, using sustainable practices, and reducing waste in all aspects of our operations. Our sense of responsibility is a driving force that ensures we always act in the best
Lemedix Certifications
California Department of health

The California Department of Public Health is dedicated to optimizing the health and well-being of Californians.

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

CMS serves the public as a trusted partner and steward, dedicated to advancing health equity, expanding coverage, and improving health outcomes.

Commission on Office Laboratory Accreditation
Commission on Office Laboratory Accreditation

As a leading physician-directed accrediting organization and the first to obtain federal approval under CLIA, we accredit laboratories.

Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments
Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments

The objective of the CLIA program is to ensure quality laboratory testing. Although all clinical laboratories must be properly certified.

American Proficiency Institute
American Proficiency Institute

American Proficiency Institute All Rights Reserved. LOGIN. Log in below to access Paperless Proficiency Testing (PPT) and Competency Assessment.

Department of Public Health
Department of Public Health

DPH keeps people healthy and communities strong. We make it safe to eat and drink in Massachusetts

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